Sandy Inness

Hi, I’m Sandy Inness and am very privileged to be part of the LIFE COACHING COMPANY. My journey to seek freedom and truth in my life began in 2001….but first a little background on my career and personal life…

  • attained BSc from Canterbury University 1982
  • attained Post Graduate Diploma in Dairy Science & Technology from Massey University 1984
  • had a challenging and successful career in the dairy industry – laboratory, production, and systems management
  • set up and operated business management consulting services both in New Zealand and overseas.
  • am married with 2 boys and live on a beautiful lifestyle block in the outskirts of Wanganui

In 2001 at the age of 42 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This became a very significant turning point in my life as I realized that my body was trying to tell me something………

At about this time I met Vicky Scott who had been working with various techniques for healing for some time. Vicky told me about the type of work she was doing and thus began my journey of healing and freedom. This involved a combination of Avatar, Journey and NLP techniques to uncover events/memories and the associated emotions that were subconsciously affecting my behavior, relationships and health! (Often we are not aware that these events / memories / emotions become stored in our cellular memory and have such a huge affect on our day to day lives). So having freed myself of many of the events / memories / emotions and forgiven myself and others (forgiveness is a vital part of the healing process) and inner peace and freedom I felt almost immediately and now is beyond words!!!!

I became so passionate about this healing work because it is non invasive, I didn’t have to ‘tell my story’, the techniques are simple and effective and the results are truly amazing that I wanted to become involved in sharing these healing processes with others.

I am now a qualified Journey Practitioner and under the mentorship of Vicky I have learned , many of the other healing techniques and processes. This combines beautifully with my expertise in business systems and thus forms part of the business coaching aspect of our work.

It took a LOT of courage to face the truth of who I was, my mind talk / judgments and feel what needed to be felt but now…… I can be the best that I can be!

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