Testimonial for my Friend & Mentor Vicky Scott

Vicky came into our lives through a friend. I didn’t know then that she would become one of the most important people ever to come into my world. If God sends Angels to people in need “and I am sure he does”… Vicky is ours. She has given hope where there was none and has incredible insight. I sometimes think she knows me better than I know myself. The work she has done and the time she has given so freely has been remarkable. I truly feel she has lengthened my time here on earth, as I continue to shock and surprise the medical people who would have seen my demise 18 months ago. I think everybody should have a “Vicky”, she is a source of hope, light, and love, all the while instilling confidence in her professional attitude. Vicky is one in a million.



Hi Vicky

I have wanted to write to you for a while, I just wanted to say a big thank you for your session with me. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, but am ecstatic to say that it has made a profound impact on my life and the relationship that I have with my family members and myself. It has changed so much of me beyond the wildest expectations. I have found some peace within myself for the first time in several years, and I can also describe myself as happy whatever day you ask regardless of the everyday pressures and stresses that present themselves. Thank you.I have been singing your praises to whoever asks, so I really hope that it helps to continue to grow your business. I look forward to working with you again in the future.


Hi Vicky

“After struggling for a long time, within myself and also with the ‘outside world’ I found myself in, I began searching for help. Just when it seemed that time was running out and I had exhausted myself, my mind, my emotions and different avenues of help, I was lead to Vicky Scott and “The Life-Coaching Co.” I found the treasure! Vicky has helped me to re-program my mind and my way of thinking, of seeing the world, thus opening up a positive perspective which directly creates a better ‘inner world’ and a more satisfying experience in the ‘outer world’. I cannot recommend Vicky and “The Life-Coaching Co.” enough!! It saved my life in many ways. Letting go of the past, however deep-set it is and moving forward on all levels is something we need to understand, accept and achieve a better quality of life, as humans.
I am forever grateful for all the help, support, and love that I have received from Vicky and this whole process. If you wish to transform your mind, life, and self, this is the place to start!”


Hi Vicky,

This is T* here, and I came and saw you before I went and did my Outward Bound course. I just wanted to say It went really well, and you’re NLP techniques really helped me.
I even got the tough B*tch award, for being able to climb MT Cullen with two tramping bags, six litres of water, a shovel, and get it back to the bus again (and keep right at the front)

I realized I am also my best when I’m with people who inspire me and make me want to do my best. I have met some amazing life long friends.

I feel very at peace, and I am a much calmer spirit. At Outward Bound I had a lot of time to reflect in the elements, and it made me realize I am a better person when I am surrounded by nature, and there is more in me then I know. So that letter to myself was actually pretty spot on!!

I no longer work in an office anymore, I am now doing an apprenticeship on a dairy farm. I get paid to work and study and I even have an opportunity for my employees to pay for my Massey studies.

I make sure I take 30 minutes a day to reflect. Each day I try something new.

In the dry season (June) I would love to do one of those retreats. I spread the NLP word.

Kind Regards,



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