Transforming Communication

The seminar was developed by Dr Richard Bolstad and the late Margot Hamblett, the conflict resolution model it teaches draws on NLP, Solution focused approaches, and Effectiveness Training. Certified instructors accredited personally by Richard deliver the Transforming Communication seminar in customized formats for work teams, teaching faculties, parent groups and others.

In four days or nine evening sessions, you’ll learn and practice precision skills for building relationships that work. You’ll take these skills successfully into your professional environment as well as your home and friendships. Transforming Communication is founded on the vision of world wide training in the use of leading edge skills to create co-operation and resolve conflict.

On the Seminar You will Learn How To

  • Build rapport with others quickly so as to gain their co-operation and trust.
  • Increase others’ ability to resolve their own difficulties and meet their own outcomes.
  • Get others to respect your needs and cooperate with you.
  • Resolve discipline and conflict problems in organizations or with children, without resorting to threats or punitive action.
  • Create and action solutions that truly meet your own outcomes as well as others’.
  • Influence others successfully while keeping rapport.
  • Honor and respect other points of view without taking it so personally.
  • Become more flexible in finding solutions that work for all parties involved.
  • Experience an attitude of peace in your communications with others no matter what needs to be resolved.

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Transforming Communications

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